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Soma Electronic Music Studios, founded by Tortoise's John McEntire, recently vacated the building near Division and Damen where it took root 15 years ago. Adam Stilson of New Canyons now runs Decade Studio in that space; he moved in on July 1 with a five-year lease, and sessions began midmonth. Some folks who worked at Soma are sticking around: "Sanford Parker and Neil Strauch have stayed," Stilson says. Other engineers involved include Mike Lust and Brian Fox. Airiel and Wrekmeister Harmonies helped break in Decade, and Stilson is now working with Many Moons, Yoko Homo, and Lightpolite. New Canyons will start writing a new LP at the space this fall.

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  1. Hey would you mind sharing some pictures with us? I'd really like to see the studio. I hope you get the best help and build something really awesome.